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Why Prayer Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Blogging

“Jesus is Lord!” So goes the famous Christian declaration. And it is true. But when it comes to your blog is Jesus Lord? Does He lead you in your blogging? Does He decide upon your topics, your advice or insights? I would hope that, at least to a degree, He does. But how about having […]

How To Share On Google Plus: Communities


You might think that you should just do the same thing when you share to a community as when you share to the home stream but that isn’t the case. Communities are inherently different from the main stream (even if they follow many of the same characteristics of the main stream). If you ignore these […]

How to Share on Google Plus: The Home Stream

How to share on Google+ Sharing to the home stream

Right, now you are familiar with the ins and outs of Google Plus let’s look at how you can maximise these factors to create great looking items that people not only read but also click on. If you are familiar with the characteristics of Google+ then you will probably have started to use some of […]

How to Share on Google Plus: Know the System


One of the issues that frequently comes up as a moderator of the Christian Bloggers Community is the way people share on Google plus. In some cases it’s just a case of trying to get more out of your blog posts and insure that people who would be interested in reading your articles, read them. […]

The Hardest Decision as A Moderator

Last week I had to do something I really didn’t want to do and really hoped I wouldn’t need to do. I removed a member from the community on Google plus. I’m not going to tell you their name as that would be wrong to the person involved but I want to explain why I […]

Interview: Digital Age Discipleship with Nathan Hale

Just over a week ago I caught Nathan Hale to talk about his faith and blogging. I learnt a lot more about Nathan, his life and his blogging and picked up some great tips for my own blogging and spirituality. During the interview I got to know a bit more about Nathan’s past, how he […]

10 Traits of a True Christian Blogger

christian bloggers home screen

[guestpost]In this post, Melanie Baker-Nash a moderator of our Christian Bloggers Community gives us some practical, biblically based tips for our online interaction – What to look out for to stay safe online, and also what to avoid for personal Christian integrity.[/guestpost] No matter how removed the internet can make social interaction, the truth is […]

February Blog Challenge: Distractions

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Sorry for the delay in writing this post up but I guess I was…Distracted! [drum fill]. During February we ran a blogging challenge on the Christian Bloggers Google Plus community. The idea was to write a post on the topic of “Distractions”. Clearly it resonated with many of our members as we had a lot […]

Could Using Multiple Headlines gain you More Readers?

great news headlines multiple headlines -

Often we put a lot of effort into finding one perfect headline. We can spend ages crafting those perfect lines and trying to make this one headline that doesn’t decend into “bating and switch” , reflects the article and yet is impossible to resist. However, should we really just think about writing one perfect headline? […]

What You Can Learn From Link bate Headlines

link bating good and bad -

A while back I saw a headline that too me back a bit. It stood out clearly on the social media page and demanded my attention. Honestly the title made me feel a bit angry just reading it but I knew the blogger so I knew there must be more to it than what I […]