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10 Traits of a True Christian Blogger

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[guestpost]In this post, Melanie Baker-Nash a moderator of our Christian Bloggers Community gives us some practical, biblically based tips for our online interaction – What to look out for to stay safe online, and also what to avoid for personal Christian integrity.[/guestpost] No matter how removed the internet can make social interaction, the truth is […]

Get Creative: Use Your Own Images For Your Blog

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The legal issues with images online can be very confusing.  Even though Chris wrote a post recently going into more depth about the legal issues surrounding images online and how not to get in trouble you may have just decided to give up on using images online.  But if that’s the case you’re going to […]

Theology Smology…

When blogging I just express my thoughts freely, I try to not get bogged down in legalistic church doctrines!  I talk about what I’ve learnt about God through my life experiences…yes I use scripture in my posts, I am Christian, but I don’t think that the Bible is the only source of God’s wisdom, or that […]

How To Be A Gr8 Christian Bloggers Member

[guestpost]Melanie Baker is one of the Moderators of the Christian Bloggers community, but before that she was an active member of the community. Today she shares some tips on how to be a great member of the community. Check out our interview with her here.[/guestpost] So you’re a Christian who wants to have meaningful conversations […]