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Why Do You Blog?

why do you blog

A month ago I asked the Christian Bloggers why they blogged. It was originally going to be to compliment a post that is coming soon but after the amount of responses I knew they deserved their own post with an overview of why these members of our community blog and also providing some insights into motives and reasons that you should blog.

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Although each person had their own personal reason and personal story, there were some general trends.

  • Personal learning
  • Personal relief
  • To proclaim Jesus
  • To help others

I’m sure you can think of some other reasons as well but let’s get into these in more details.

For Personal Relief

I can certainly echo this, I find the process of writing to be very cathartic, healing and it helps to clear my thoughts.

Brandi Eissenger:

I am a purely selfish writer. I don’t write to teach others or to reach out to others. My writing is a combination of catharsis and personal education. It is more cathartic than anything else – allowing me a safe release of the overflow of emotions, both good and bad, that plague me so often. But, it also has a brilliant side effect of unintentionally pushing me to learn and grow both intellectually and spiritually.

Olivia Migenes:

It is catharsis to express what I feel inside, a way to encourage those who may be going through a similar situation. But I also do it because I love the craft. As an avid reader, I’m so enthralled that what were once ideas in people’s minds become words stringed together to evoke emotions and thought provoking ideas but above all, to share in our common faith in Christ. I hope I do that with my writing and admire those who are able to do it as well.

Chanda Griece shared a very personal reason linked in.

Before I started blogging, I was ministered to by another mom who set up a website called Cherishing the Journey to reach out to mothers who had babies who only lived a short time.  The website said that blogging is therapeutic in the grieving process and you might just bless someone else along the way…that has been my heart from the beginning…it has since morphed into a way to express how the Lord has helped me grasp His grace in all facets of life…I’ll don’t think I’ll ever stop learning how deep and high and wide is the love of Christ…

For Personal Learning

Steve Keller:

I had a teacher tell me that she learned more preparing for the class than most of her students. When I write I find the whole process challenges me and convicts me. I have found myself growing so much more through the writing -than if I read the same thing authored by someone else.  So I write now to grow and learn and if someone else can be blessed by my writing ….great! I also would hope that something I wrote occasionally challenges others as other bloggers have challenged and inspired me.

To Proclaim Jesus

Melanie Baker

As a part of my faithful proclamation of God’s goodness and grace found in Jesus Christ…that is available to ALL people…including ordinary ones just like me 😉

Robert Baldwin:

God writes in my heart, I share this in a blog.

Onee Anjana shared that she has difficulties with verbal communication:

I blog for talking and spreading God’s love in a different way with what my fellow done. I’m one of fellowship activist in my campus, but sometimes I think that it will never enough. I’m a kind of girl who have some problems to telling stories by oral communication. Text can really make my words in brain coming all out. Lol. So, with blogging I can talk more, and hoping it can be more understandable compared with my ways of do oral communication.


To Reach Others

Amor Caparas:

To use every resources at hand to reach others.
(and one of those resources – blogging)

When we have given the power and opportunity to write — write! 
Don’t stop those hands in sharing the gospel.
And letting the Holy Spirit fills your heart with words — words that has the power to give huge impact on the souls of your readers.

When you have the gift; use it!

The End?

Of course, I’m sure you’ve seen that some of these stories actually show that people don’t just have one reason for writing and many of the reasons actually cross over. Likewise we could break it down further zoom out and look at the even more general reasons for example

  • To clarify our thoughts
  • To find people with similar interest
  • To share prayer request
  • To stay in contact with people far away

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