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How To Share On Google Plus: Communities


You might think that you should just do the same thing when you share to a community as when you share to the home stream but that isn’t the case. Communities are inherently different from the main stream (even if they follow many of the same characteristics of the main stream). If you ignore these […]

How to Share on Google Plus: The Home Stream

How to share on Google+ Sharing to the home stream

Right, now you are familiar with the ins and outs of Google Plus let’s look at how you can maximise these factors to create great looking items that people not only read but also click on. If you are familiar with the characteristics of Google+ then you will probably have started to use some of […]

How to Share on Google Plus: Know the System


One of the issues that frequently comes up as a moderator of the Christian Bloggers Community is the way people share on Google plus. In some cases it’s just a case of trying to get more out of your blog posts and insure that people who would be interested in reading your articles, read them. […]

Could Using Multiple Headlines gain you More Readers?

great news headlines multiple headlines -

Often we put a lot of effort into finding one perfect headline. We can spend ages crafting those perfect lines and trying to make this one headline that doesn’t decend into “bating and switch” , reflects the article and yet is impossible to resist. However, should we really just think about writing one perfect headline? […]

One quick and simple Headline formula for almost any blog post.

Christian Bloggers Simple instant headline formula -

After Tuesday’s post I’m sure you will be keen to improve your headlines for all the benefits that they offer. Today I want to give you a simple formula that will work for most blog post. Now, I need to warn you that it won’t work for every blog post and certainly for the more […]

5 Must Read Reasons Why Headlines Are Worth Spending Time On

Headlines are important - Christian Bloggers

Today we kick off our new series looking at everything to do with headlines for bloggers. I hope you already know the incredible value of headlines but today I want to briefly look at the incredible benefits good headlines can bring to your blog. [featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] 1. Headlines Focus Your Writing One of the less […]

The Rules Of Guest Blogging Have Just Changed…For The Better

Matt Cutts guest blogging spam

Yesterday, Matt Cutts (Google’s head of Webspam team) said that “Guest posting is dead“. As you might imagine this caused a lot of ripples across the blogosphere and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth (okay the last parts a bit much but you get the idea). As many SEO groups had adapted since […]

Why You Should Guest Blog


Almost a year ago to this day I submitted my first guest blog post. I had been blogging for a while but had never really had the guts or know how to think about submitting a guest post. I knew it was a good thing todo but still I had never got round to doing […]

Intro To Pinterest: Why Christian Bloggers Should Check It Out

intro to Pinterest

Obviously being part of the awesome Christians bloggers community on google plus makes me a little biased in choosing google plus as my favourite social network, but Pinterest is quickly rising up in my ranks as my second favourite. This is largely a personal reason of just finding the experience highly enjoyable. I think I […]

Maximise your blog post by posting at the best time for each social network


If you’ve been around here for a while you’ve probably heard us mention that different mediums (or social networks) have different styles and conventions due to their make up. Some of this is obvious like twitter favours quick instant messages and short whereas Google plus favours slightly longer post (even as long as blog posts!). […]