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Why Your Readers Didn’t Share Your Last Blog Post (And What To Do About It)

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I saw a quote from someone recently that got me thinking about sharing blog post. “In an ideal world our dear readers will share our posts instead of us, but until then we have to.” [featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] There is a great deal of truth in this message. Until people know who you are, follow your […]

Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013 [Infographic]

Promotion is one of the key parts of being a blogger. It’s all well and good writing something amazing but unless you are very lucky and smiled upon by the search engine overlords and their rankings, or get picked up on and shared by some internet celebrity with influence, you are going to need to […]

How To Be A Gr8 Christian Bloggers Member

[guestpost]Melanie Baker is one of the Moderators of the Christian Bloggers community, but before that she was an active member of the community. Today she shares some tips on how to be a great member of the community. Check out our interview with her here.[/guestpost] So you’re a Christian who wants to have meaningful conversations […]

Getting The Most Out Of Google Plus


If you’re a blogger and unaware of Google plus then you are missing out. The fact that Google plus affects your site’s search ranking  meaning if you are popular on Google Plus, it is more likely that your site will be found by other people. But that’s not the only reason why Google plus is […]