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Why Prayer Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Blogging

“Jesus is Lord!” So goes the famous Christian declaration. And it is true. But when it comes to your blog is Jesus Lord? Does He lead you in your blogging? Does He decide upon your topics, your advice or insights? I would hope that, at least to a degree, He does. But how about having […]

10 Traits of a True Christian Blogger

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[guestpost]In this post, Melanie Baker-Nash a moderator of our Christian Bloggers Community gives us some practical, biblically based tips for our online interaction – What to look out for to stay safe online, and also what to avoid for personal Christian integrity.[/guestpost] No matter how removed the internet can make social interaction, the truth is […]

Could Using Multiple Headlines gain you More Readers?

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Often we put a lot of effort into finding one perfect headline. We can spend ages crafting those perfect lines and trying to make this one headline that doesn’t decend into “bating and switch” , reflects the article and yet is impossible to resist. However, should we really just think about writing one perfect headline? […]

One quick and simple Headline formula for almost any blog post.

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After Tuesday’s post I’m sure you will be keen to improve your headlines for all the benefits that they offer. Today I want to give you a simple formula that will work for most blog post. Now, I need to warn you that it won’t work for every blog post and certainly for the more […]

5 Must Read Reasons Why Headlines Are Worth Spending Time On

Headlines are important - Christian Bloggers

Today we kick off our new series looking at everything to do with headlines for bloggers. I hope you already know the incredible value of headlines but today I want to briefly look at the incredible benefits good headlines can bring to your blog. [featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] 1. Headlines Focus Your Writing One of the less […]

Your blog isn’t about you

Your Blog Isn't About You -

The biggest mistake new bloggers make is assuming their blog is about them. I’m not saying that it’s back they put their name on their site or put up images about themselves, these are good things to do as they build a personal connection and show you to be a real person that people can […]

Why Do You Blog?

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A month ago I asked the Christian Bloggers why they blogged. It was originally going to be to compliment a post that is coming soon but after the amount of responses I knew they deserved their own post with an overview of why these members of our community blog and also providing some insights into […]

How Do You Generate Ideas For Blog Posts?


[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] Ideas are gold. As bloggers, we “live and die” by them. So much so that we can look at that picture and caption it one of several different ways. Where the heck did all the ideas go? OK. I have to come up with an idea to write about. Here I am, God. What […]

Are You Writing With Attitude or Gratitude?

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We often hear the phrase “he’s (or she’s) got attitude”. Basically, it’s saying the person is openly confident. Indeed, Proverbs 23:7a tells us “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Through all the stages of writing or blogging, are you the guy or gal like the picture to the left? Or are […]

Wednesday Rewind Roundup 10/16/2013

wednesday rewind 10/16/2013

About half a month ago I did a little experiment for Wednesday rewind. I asked people to share an old post they had written, perhaps rewrite it a bit or update it and if they did I would share a link to it on a page on the blog. This is a great way to […]