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How To Be A Gr8 Christian Bloggers Member

[guestpost]Melanie Baker is one of the Moderators of the Christian Bloggers community, but before that she was an active member of the community. Today she shares some tips on how to be a great member of the community. Check out our interview with her here.[/guestpost]

So you’re a Christian who wants to have meaningful conversations with others and has their own blog…

Well then our Christian Bloggers Community is a fantastic place where this can be possible!

We are a world-wide, text-based, Google+ Christian Community, which can raise some issues on its own, even though the predominant language is English! But just like any other community, it helps to know the cultural etiquette to make your interaction more pleasant and rewarding…so I hope this post is beneficial in assisting you to be a great member, yet still be an individual!

1. Retain Your Christian Integrity!

What do I mean by this? Well firstly it helps to remember that this community is still the Body of Christ, even if we can’t see each other, or meet face to face! Something we all could do remembering is praying before we write, and before we share.

2. Maintain Christian Fellowship!

Text can often be blunter than spoken word, as the reader CANNOT hear the infliction in the speaker’s voice…therefore in your interaction, remember this and be twice as careful as usual in your care for others.

3. Respect Your Readers!

We all like to think we do this, but sometimes being time poor, or zealous in our passion, we can forget that some things may be offensive and actually damage the both the Body of Christ and also the Church’s reputation. Some minor tips which can add immense value are; write professionally and cite your sources for images and ideas, also using scripture references and exact quotes, Bible Gateway is a fantastic resource for this:; Don’t use offensive language, your argument should be well written! Offensive language can also be in communication with others, or by ‘bad mouthing’ non-Christians or famous people (this does not help your creditability as a professional writer). This is a huge turn-off as a reader for me!; Take 2 minutes to write a personal intro message to the community for your post…otherwise it will be most likely not read, and will be considered spam! Give us a reason to read your post.

4. Get Linking & Build Up The Community!

Did you know for people to feel connected in a community, they need at least 3-4 real connections (I learnt this recently at Bible College)? Moderators cannot connect on a personal level with everyone…and really this is not our role. Make some friends, this is a great community, only recently I hadn’t been active for a couple of days and it made my day to receive a personal message from a member to let me know that I was being thought of and prayed for!!!

In this community we encounter each other and Christ, encourage each other to be better Christians and writers, and hopefully we are more equipped from the experience! But as we all know it takes active participation from everyone…so don’t just take from this community! You can also add the community’s logo to your blog, and share the community with you other Christian blogging Google+ friends!

Final word on this point, I think it’s helpful to keep us humble by remembering that we wouldn’t go to a Bible Study and be the only one talking 😉


Sharing is caring! Get connected 🙂

5. Remember The Reason For This Community!

Christian Bloggers is a Christian Blog, sharing community. Some terrific tips for being a great member with this community, as opposed to other Google+ communities are; share posts that are written by you; when possible share posts just for this community and ask for writing help (spam alerts go off when the same post is posted everywhere) or spread your post shares apart ; share your post ONCE and to the correct CATEGORY; only share one post per day; read and comment on a post each time your share; DON’T ask for money or focus on self-promotion; don’t share music videos or scripture pictures, there are other communities on Google+ for this, and you can share other things with different circles.

6. Stretch Yourself And Try A New Experience!

Great members try new things and in Christian Bloggers we have special events, which are well worth checking out and trying!

Finally, enjoy this great community by being a great member!
God bless! Melanie 🙂

About Melanie Baker

Melanie Baker is an Australia Christian woman, and mother of 3 sons. Melanie is active in local ministries, and also studies ministry/theology via distance education. Melanie has a varied work background ranging from Dance teacher to Carer. Being a creative person Melanie feels most comfortable in the arts; loving to express herself and talk about Jesus' love!

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4 Replies

  1. Thanks for the pointers to help us stay a humble, healthy, online Christian community. I like how you said,
    “I think it’s helpful to keep us humble by remembering that we wouldn’t go to a Bible Study and be the only one talking”
    We need to not only post, but read others’ posts and comments to really connect and care for others’ hearts and know what’s on their minds. So thankful to be a part of this Gr8 online Christian community!

  2. Thanks for these tips. Your comments on community and how many people we can actually connect with reminds me of this video I ran across this morning.
    I think they are correct. Smaller, “real conversations” is vital to real community.
    Good leading! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks guys for the feedback, keeps enjoying the community by being the gr8 active members that you are! God bless 🙂

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