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Here at we believe it is important to give everyone and anyone the chance to be heard and to make this platform truly free to anyone. As such, we want to give anyone, from internationally known mega-star to little known mother of three in a small city, from Missionary in a hostile country to regular church attender Joe, from recent convert to grew up all their life as a member of a church and EVERYONE in between. We truly believe that if you have encountered God, if you have a story to tell other Christian bloggers or if you have a great message then you should have the chance to share it and we want to help that happen.

Of course, we can publish everything and we want to make sure we publish great posts. In some cases we’ll work with you to make your posts meet our standards, in other cases the topic or content might not be appropriate and we may have to just cancel the whole thing, However we will try our hardest to make what you want to write about and what we want/are willing to publish conform.

With that in mind click here to read our writing guidelines.

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  1. Is the guest post submission used by members and guests or do member go to another url for member posts? I see an abundance of membership posts in my email but I have not discovered how to post one yet.

    1. Hi Robert, we had a guest post form that allowed you to submit a post directly, however we got far too many seo related spam posts that I had to take it down (spending 5+ mins every day to delete them all was more than I wanted. If you want to pitch a guest post, just use the contact form above with the title of the post you want to submit. We’ll take it from there.

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