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Interview with Bill Kraski


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Bill Kraski is a moderator of the Christian bloggers community and an all round good guy. He’s been part of the Christian Bloggers community for a while now and when I took over as owner I knew I wanted Bill to join the moderating team as he was already acting as a moderator. I recently had the opportunity to do and Interview with Bill Kraski and I leapt at the chance.

In the interview we talked about How Bill became a Christian and the influence of the Catholic church on his journey. How he started blogging and the role Twitter played. How he manages two blogs and four twitter accounts (and why on earth he has two blogs and four twitter accounts.) How Bill made his free blogger blog looks great, What tips Bill would give to a new blogger and of course, Bill’s favourite blogs.

Just watch the video below.

Bill’s Tips to new bloggers

Keep Going and Don’t compare yourself to other people or “professionals”. You have a purpose for writing and it may be different to someone with a huge following. Just enjoy the benefits of writing and who you are writing for.

What Bill has learnt from being a moderator

Be careful  and weigh your words. It’s easy to get into fights so think first and leap second.

Favourite blogs

Thanks Bill for agreeing to take part in the interview. You can follow Bill on Twitter and Google plus or check out his blog here.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Bill’s upcoming ebook.

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I'm a 27 English as a foreign language Teacher based in Badajoz in Spain. I also run the Christian Bloggers community and enjoy writing in my free time.

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