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Interview with Joel Mundackal

interview with Joel Mundackal of Christian Blogger community

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A few weeks back I interviewed one of our newest members of the Community, Joel Mundackal. Joel is currently works in sales in Dubai and runs two blogs. Symphony of Heaven and

In our interview we chatted about how he became a christian, how he started blogged and even what it’s like living in a Muslim country (he currently lives and works in Dubai). The quality of our connection wasn’t as strong as some of the other interviews and we also have some special outtakes at the end that you might enjoy.

Joel’s Tips and Advice

  1. Write what’s on your heart
  2. Don’t chase hits, be faithful to what you’ve been called to.
  3. Celebrate small victories
  4. Don’t treat blogging lightly

Joel’s Three Favourite blogs

You can find Joel on Google plus or on Twitter (or his blog on  Twitter.)

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I'm a 27 English as a foreign language Teacher based in Badajoz in Spain. I also run the Christian Bloggers community and enjoy writing in my free time.

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