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Interview: Digital Age Discipleship with Nathan Hale

Just over a week ago I caught Nathan Hale to talk about his faith and blogging. I learnt a lot more about Nathan, his life and his blogging and picked up some great tips for my own blogging and spirituality.

During the interview I got to know a bit more about Nathan’s past, how he ended up working at a Christian University, why he started blogging and his blogs various name changes! However, we also got very specific and touched on his approach to discipleship, the contemplative tradition and why he started a memorisation challenge (his reason will be sure to encourage you too give it a try too!)

One of the topic areas that I’m really glad we talked about was advertising. It’s an area that a lot of Christian Bloggers think about but it is considered taboo to talk about! One of the big ideas that came up was

“Art always has a cost” [click to tweet that]

There are different ways to cover that cost but there is always a cost for art. Plus, if you can invest money into your art, then you can produce better resources for people.

Nathan’s tip for a new blogger

Be open to learn and always be on the look out for what to learn next

Nathan’s 3 favourite blog

Other blogs that Nathan mentioned


We are open for Guest Blogs and Interviews

One of the things I realised from my interview with Nathan is people don’t realise that we are very open to guest post and to interviewing other Christian Bloggers. We want to help tell people about great bloggers out there and share peoples great insights and ideas.

Find Nathan Online

If you want to connect more with Nathan and find out more about him then you can head over to his website or on Google Plus. 

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