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Interview with Nathan Roten

Christian Bloggers Interview with Nathan Roten

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In recent weeks we’ve been shining a spotlight on some of our amazing community members, finding out about their stories about how they became christians and started blogging, and also picking up some tips from them along the way too. Today is no exception in my interview with Nathan Roten.

Nathan (or Nate as he is more commonly known) currently works as part of the Operation Christmas Child team for the Samaritans purse. Before that he had a real journey of work and faith that you have to hear him talk about (or check out on his about page). During the interview we discussed the usual questions such as “How did you become a christian?” and “How did you start blogging?” but also some more specific to Nate such as

  • How did you choose your blogs name (and why isn’t it your own name)
  • How did going to Lima as part of operation christmas child change his life.
  • How the financial crash changed his life.


Nathan’s Tips For A Blogger

Prepare to be frustrated when you don’t have an audience. It takes time to build one up so don’t get too worried by it. Tap into a community and focus only on one social media platform at a time. Don’t try to do everything everywhere but end up doing nothing everywhere.

Choose one way to build your audience and focus all your energy on that.

Nathan’s Favourite Blogs

Links From Our Chat is the website that Nathan used to find his more unorthadox domain (I also used it to find the domain for this site).

Jars of clay worlds apart


Nathan blogs at and you can find him on Google plus or Twitter.

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