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Interview With Steve Bremner

Steve Bremner interview -

Steve Bremner currently lives in Peru in an missionary community called Oikis. He teaches in a ministry school along with his wife Lily. He is passionate about discipleship and making disciples who make disciples to fulfil the great commission.

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When he’s not working at the school Steve does a lot of writing and runs a podcast too. When I approached Steve to interview him I wanted to get his insight into being a missionary in a foreign country and also some of the insights he has into writing ebooks. I’m sure there’s something you can get out of our chat.

In our interview we discussed

  • How Steve became a christian
  • How Steve ended up out in Peru
  • How Steve started blogging
  • How Steve uses blogging to both raise awareness and fund for his work
  • The temptation to exaggerate events when blogging
  • And what is coming for Steve in 2014

You can find Steve at his blog, on Google Plus or Twitter. Check out his books on Amazon and help him pay his daughters medical bills with his Teespring campaign.

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