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Maximise your blog post by posting at the best time for each social network


If you’ve been around here for a while you’ve probably heard us mention that different mediums (or social networks) have different styles and conventions due to their make up. Some of this is obvious like twitter favours quick instant messages and short whereas Google plus favours slightly longer post (even as long as blog posts!). Linkedin is great if you are looking for work and Facebook is great to share cat pics etc etc.

There are a lot of factors we could consider but let’s focus on just one. When are people online and reading.

Before we go on we should be clear the infographic below is a general rule and focus on the network as a whole. It’s a good starting point, however, if your readership is different from the typical users of the social network then you’ll probably have to share at different times rather than the ones stated below. So take these figures as a starting point to adapt from.

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There are some tools that can help you figure out your sharing times even better, such as tweriod which looks at when your followers share on twitter so you can know when to share as well.

When do you share on different social networks? Do you share all at the same time?

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3 Replies

  1. Thanks for this Chris. Just one question – what time zones are these?

    1. I believe the numbers are relative to the people who read your site. So if you have more readers from America then you should base it on their times, if you have more from the uk base it on UK times.

      However, I am also sure these are from an American perspective (just look at the sources) and so there may be some cultural differences which affect the UK. And more of the American populous are based on the East Cost so I’d probably go by EST times.

      However, these should definitely only be used as a starting point which should be worked off to find the best times for you.

      Hope that helps John

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