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End Of Year Wednesday Rewind


[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] Wednesday Rewind is a weekly event over on the Christian Bloggers community where people share old blog posts they’ve posted in the past. It was originally started when we first formed the community as a way to get to know members and what they post. At first, we removed all blog posts that […]

How Do You Generate Ideas For Blog Posts?


[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] Ideas are gold. As bloggers, we “live and die” by them. So much so that we can look at that picture and caption it one of several different ways. Where the heck did all the ideas go? OK. I have to come up with an idea to write about. Here I am, God. What […]

Why You Should Guest Blog


Almost a year ago to this day I submitted my first guest blog post. I had been blogging for a while but had never really had the guts or know how to think about submitting a guest post. I knew it was a good thing todo but still I had never got round to doing […]

Setting Blogging Goals With Jeremy Smith

Setting Blogging Goals With Jeremy Smith -ChristianBloggers

I’ve known Jeremy Smith for a while and wanted to interview him for Christian Bloggers. Jeremy lives in Colorado with his Wife and Son runs SeventyEightProductions (visit and has an active presence on Google Plus and Twitter. He also regularly writes for which is how I really got to know him. As we […]

What Are The Best Christian Blogs Of 2013?

Best christian blogs 2013 - christian bloggers

We’re into December and the year is almost over. Not only that but we’re also approaching the Christian Blogger community on Google Plus’s One Year Anniversary (6th of December). As such December is going to be a month of reflecting on the year gone, planning for the year coming and celebrating (not least the birth […]

Intro To Pinterest: Why Christian Bloggers Should Check It Out

intro to Pinterest

Obviously being part of the awesome Christians bloggers community on google plus makes me a little biased in choosing google plus as my favourite social network, but Pinterest is quickly rising up in my ranks as my second favourite. This is largely a personal reason of just finding the experience highly enjoyable. I think I […]

How To Find Great Free Images – Two Useful Sites

How to find great free images: two useful sites

Finding great free images for your blog can be difficult. There are plenty of options, but knowing which to go for and what is legal is not such an easy task. As a good, relevant image can make all the difference to a blog post, and is increasingly an important factor for search engines such […]

The Psychological Effects Of Fonts

Psychology of Fonts

[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] Credit Ben Eames on Google Plus

How To Create Must Read Photo Badges That Stand Out

How to Create Must Read Photo Badges That Stand Out - Christian Bloggers

I’ve pushed photo badges quite heavily in this series on images, and I believe there are some good reasons and they seem to be becoming more popular. Although I looked last time at editing your images, creating a photo badge creates a few more specific challenges. First, making sure that your text stands your on […]

Christian Blogger T-Shirt 2013

We’re coming up to the year anniversary of the Google communities and Christian bloggers, lots of things have changed and members have come and gone but personally I’ve gained a lot from the whole community. Thanks. To mark the anniversary and as we are approaching Christmas I thought I’d launch a teespring campaign with some […]