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Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013 [Infographic]

Promotion is one of the key parts of being a blogger. It’s all well and good writing something amazing but unless you are very lucky and smiled upon by the search engine overlords and their rankings, or get picked up on and shared by some internet celebrity with influence, you are going to need to […]

Wednesday Rewind Roundup 25/09/2013

wednesdayrewind photo camera reel

This is something a little new we’re trying at Chrisitian Bloggers. For almost a year on our Google plus community we’ve had people sharing blog posts, and on Wednesday we’ve suggested and encouraged our members to share an old blog post they wrote. This all started as one member wanted to find out more about […]

Interview with Joel Mundackal

interview with Joel Mundackal of Christian Blogger community

[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] A few weeks back I interviewed one of our newest members of the Community, Joel Mundackal. Joel is currently works in sales in Dubai and runs two blogs. Symphony of Heaven and In our interview we chatted about how he became a christian, how he started blogged and even what it’s like […]

Why You Should Edit Images For Your Blog (And A Few Free Tools)


It’s a pretty well known fact that having a good image with your blog post leads to more people reading the post, more comments, more shares and even means it’s more likely people will actually click on the link in the first place (especially if it’s on a site like Facebook or Google+ which will […]

4 Vital Personality Traits For Any New (Or Experienced) Blogger

brain scan

[guestpost]Today’s post is a guest post by Shawn Mullin. One of our regular contributors and encouragers on the community. She offers some great tips about blogging. You can visit her blog here. [/guestpost] [featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] Recently I was interviewed by Chris Wilson for the Christian Bloggers community on Google+. I really enjoyed getting to know Chris […]

Interview with Shawn Mullin

Sometimes it’s great to just sit down and have a chat with someone. Well that’s kind of what you can get with the Christian Bloggers interviews (and pick up a few great tips on blogging at the same time) A few weeks back I got to interview Shawn Mullin for the third of these interviews […]

How To Be A Gr8 Christian Bloggers Member

[guestpost]Melanie Baker is one of the Moderators of the Christian Bloggers community, but before that she was an active member of the community. Today she shares some tips on how to be a great member of the community. Check out our interview with her here.[/guestpost] So you’re a Christian who wants to have meaningful conversations […]

Interview with Melanie Baker


[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] This was the second Christian Bloggers interview, this time with one of our moderators team, Melanie Baker. Melanie is one of the smaller number of Australian Bloggers in the community but that doesn’t make less important. We talked about her blog, her kids, how she became a Christian, How she got into ministry […]

Getting The Most Out Of Google Plus


If you’re a blogger and unaware of Google plus then you are missing out. The fact that Google plus affects your site’s search ranking  meaning if you are popular on Google Plus, it is more likely that your site will be found by other people. But that’s not the only reason why Google plus is […]

Interview with TE Hanna

TE Hanna

[featured-image single-newwindow=”false”] Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing TE Hanna as part of a new series we are starting, interviewing members of the Christian Bloggers Community. It’s a way to get to know the people who share things in our community help them to find new readers and hopefully for every member to […]