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4 Vital Personality Traits For Any New (Or Experienced) Blogger

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[guestpost]Today’s post is a guest post by Shawn Mullin. One of our regular contributors and encouragers on the community. She offers some great tips about blogging. You can visit her blog here. [/guestpost]

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Recently I was interviewed by Chris Wilson for the Christian Bloggers community on Google+. I really enjoyed getting to know Chris and catching a brief glimpse of his heart for God and his desire for the community to thrive. So that people are able to use the gifts God has placed within them.

During the interview we discussed many topics that related to me personally, such as my salvation experience, my family background and my interest in music. These were relatively easy questions to answer being they came from my personal experiences.

There was one question that was not so easy to answer, “what advice would I give to new bloggers?” While this question is not all that hard, it’s thought provoking none the less.

So what advice would I give?

Be Relatable

In my interview I stated that we should be relatable. I still say this with resounding conviction.

I grew up in church, all my life I’ve been in church. I’ve been a preacher’s daughter, a preacher’s wife, a youth choir director, worship leader, on I could go but I think you get the point. It has been my lifelong experience that if you are approachable and others feel comfortable with you, they will be who they really are in your presence.

Mind you that’s not always true. People wear many faces depending on location and need. For instance, at my daughter’s high school football game, where she marches in the band, you will not see a Holy glorified Shawn. Oh no, sometimes quite the opposite. I will scream and holler with the best of them. While you won’t say that I am heathen by any means, you would see me as competitor enjoying a game. But I am always careful to try and act like Jesus everywhere I go, you just see the everyday human side of me enjoying the life God has given me to live. This is normal behavior for all of us. When I go to church, unless I’m trying to hide behind a façade, you will experience the more spiritual side of me.

It’s really easy to hide behind mask, especially as a blogger. You may have really great content, something we all need to read. Honestly, if you are unapproachable or are not relatable no one will enjoy reading your words. Personally when something comes across as holier than thou, I won’t read much of it before I turn it off.

Be Visible

The next thing about blogging is being visible to those who read your stuff. If someone reads your post and comments, make sure you respond, even if you only say thank you. This is acknowledgment of them taking their time to read your post. Don’t be one of those “hit and leave” it kind of bloggers. Being gracious, being thankful to others is what we are supposed to do. Reading your stuff is a compliment not a requirement.

Be Original

The last thing I would say is to be original. Everybody has access to “so and so.” We can purchase the books, listen to the CD’s. What I do know is that God speaks individually to each heart. I might see something in scripture that adds to something you saw and together it paints a picture of something good. If you constantly have to quote others to make your point, then I wonder, as the reader how much effort you put into writing your blog to begin with. Be original to you and what God has put in you. The myth is that “so and so” has deeper revelation or more understanding because they are more popular or well known. This is not true whatsoever. We are created in the image of God Almighty. What He puts on your heart is just as relevant as theirs. Be original and don’t be ashamed to do so.

Be A Learner

I’m reminded daily as I raise a son, that it is just beginning for him.  Each day, each new step is a milestone journey for him. Blogging has been the same for me. I have come so far and yet I know I have farther to go. I’m learning and growing and I’ve been blessed to have met so many wonderful people in this community.

The key is to stay connected. Learn from others who have more experience behind them. Not necessarily wisdom, but experience. Learn to separate the two. Be willing to receive criticism, it helps you grow as a blogger. Learn to distinguish between healthy criticism, which is good, and hateful words which are not. I tell my daughter all the time, people are watching you to see how you respond. They will respond to you accordingly.

So to recap on what advice I would give!

  1. Be relatable

  2. Be Visible

  3. Be original

  4. Be a Learner

I look forward to meeting each of you through the community and reading what God has laid upon your heart to give.

I’m hid with Christ!

About Shawn Mullin

I am a wife to a awesome husband, mom to 4 precious children. I love music, reading, cooking and traveling and of course writing. I am passionately in love with The Lord who so passionately pursued me in love. "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go I to the house of The Lord" My heart is for people to know and fully understand 'Jesus' loves them with all His heart. He is the only way, the only truth, the only life. I love to do a happy dance on satans head and give him the headache! My goal: Colossians 3:3 (KJV) For ye are dead and your life now hid with Christ in God.

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9 Replies

  1. Great blogging advice Shawn!

    1. Mr. Tim as always you are very kind and considerate! Thank you so much for the response!

      I’m hid with Christ!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the intro of yet another wonderful blogger and about her activities
    Great tips of advice her for the bloggers. Good visit her page,
    Keep inform
    Best Regards

    1. Philip, Thank you so much for your kind regards and kinder words.

      Have a blessed day!

      I’m hid with Christ!

  3. Great advice Shawn, and also some challenges for me. Especially regarding being relatable and not coming across as “holier than thou” – I think there is something there which I can learn from. – Mark of Faith (Mark Hanson).

    1. Mark, I know what you mean. it is far easier to Holier 9no pun intended) than relatable. I’ve struggled with that as well. Thanks for the feedback~!

      God Bless!

      I’m hid with Christ!

  4. All of these points are well, right on point! Great advice and thank you for sharing this to the community!

    1. Bryan, Thank you kind sir!

      Have a blessed day!

      I’m hid with Christ!

  5. Great piece, this. Being relatable and original are very key.

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