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Why Prayer Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Blogging

“Jesus is Lord!” So goes the famous Christian declaration. And it is true. But when it comes to your blog is Jesus Lord? Does He lead you in your blogging? Does He decide upon your topics, your advice or insights? I would hope that, at least to a degree, He does. But how about having prayer not as an addition to writing a blog post, but rather as an integral part of your whole blogging habits?

Of course, as Christian bloggers we may be focussing on differing forms of blog. Some may be writing short devotionals, some may be writing from a personal experience, some may be seeking to write on deeper theological issues. Each of these require a different approach but one thing is constant: prayer should be a vital part of your writing process.


Prayer and Scripture

For blogs which have a devotional or teaching focus prayer is even more vital than for other forms of blog. If we are teaching others of the riches of God’s word then we had better be reading and studying God’s word ourselves, and neither can be done without prayer. Our daily devotions and lives should have a real, prayerful, connection to God. From choosing the topics you write on to the actual writing of each post, prayer and Bible reading should be the priority as you consider your words.

Guided by Jesus

Even if our blogging is of a more chatty or personal nature, we need to be speaking the words which Jesus would have us speak. We should be ever-mindful that He is Lord, and so draw near to Him so that He may use us for His glory. We can only bear good fruit by abiding in Christ and His word. If we are speaking from only ourselves, without Christ, then we will find that our words are meaningless in any real sense.

The Process of Writing

Everyone has a different process they go through in writing a blog post or series of blog posts, but here I outline my process so you can see how I fit prayer into the writing, from idea generation to final publishing.

Firstly, I will usually have an idea through prayerful reading of the Bible or other devotional material. As soon as this idea surfaces I will pray as to whether God would have me write on this particular passage, verse or topic. I will try to be sensitive as to whether God is inspiring me to write or whether it’s simply one of those ideas of my own which are not in God’s will.

When I have an idea for a blog post I will then pray into it whilst writing notes. I will consider the points which God wants me to share and note these down. I will then leave the notes until the following day. Then I will again bring the notes to God in prayer, consider any necessary changes to the post outline and then make those changes. I will then write the post, having a discourse with God as to how I may best write and dealing with any issues or promptings I find crop up during the writing.

I will then leave the post draft for another day. Then, the following day I will again pray and then read through my draft, again in a prayerful manner, making any changes I need to. Then I will publish.

Hopefully this may help you to see how integral prayer is, even though your own process may be quite different.

Other Prayers

It is also good to pray for those who will read your blog post. I must admit that I do not do this enough, but it is a loving and generous act to pray for others and that God will speak to them through what we have written.

Some bloggers also include written prayers in their blog posts, either ones they have written themselves or prayers written by others. This may not suit your blog, but it can be a good way to bring prayer to your readers.

Jesus is Lord!

Jesus is indeed Lord, and He is Lord over our blogging. As He is Lord, of our lives and our blogs, let us draw near in faith, in prayer, and seek Him, love Him and letting Him be our guide.

God bless!

About Mark Hanson

I am an evangelical Christian with Reformed Theology beliefs. I am currently in the process of setting up a new blog, but currently blog on faith matters, personal reflections and on political activism.

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