Christian Bloggers

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Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Christian Bloggers Community

The aim of this community is to encourage other christian bloggers in whatever way they are blogging as a Christian [for more check out our about page]. We hope you will join in this vision, learn and help other members to learn as well. To help achieve these Aims we have some rules and guidelines I’d like to go over.

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  • Keep it Christian (no insults, name calling etc)
  • Serve each other (this isn’t just about you, this is a group for everyone, help out each other)
  • Limit to sharing one blog post a day
  • No Donation requests or Spam (trying to sell a book/course within the community, asking for funds to your ministry etc. Do that outside this group [this doesn’t mean if you have a link or donation plugin on your blog you can’t be part of the group, just don’t directly plug it])


As well as the rules here are some tips that will probably help you out after you’ve joined. You don’t HAVE TO follow them (I don’t always stick to all of them) but generally they improve everyone’s experience.

1. Introduce Yourself

Imagine going up to a group of people you don’t know at a party and just starting to talk about your favourite topic. You wouldn’t would you? You’d introduce yourself so people are less suspicious of you and want to get to know you more.
Likewise we suggest you start by introducing yourself, telling people a few facts about yourself and then perhaps sharing a blog post with a bit of your story or your About page if you have one. Don’t try and sell yourself/product but be friendly and introducing. We suggest you do this as soon as you join.

2. Try To Read a Post or Two When You Share (and Leave a Comment If You Can)

There are HUNDREDS of communities on Google Plus which are almost exclusively “Link farms” (that is a collection of links which no one reads). We don’t want to be that. We could tell you that you MUST read EVERYPOST or 3 posts each time you post or something but honestly we can’t check. Instead we ask that you make an effort to read other peoples posts and leave a comment (can be about content or blogging advice). If everyone is doing this then everyone will get some comments and feedback and improve.

The “Best” Way To Share a Post on Google Plus

These are more a list of ideas that can improve the quality of what you share, you don’t always need to do the same things.

  • Don’t JUST share a link (give me a reason to click your link, generally Google plus shares are longer than Twitter.)
  • Target different groups differently (if you share to a christian Mum’s group then write a different link to the Christian Bloggers group)
  • Space out when you share something (some people are members of multiple groups, if they see the same link at the same time on all their networks, they’ll probably blank it out. If they see the same link on different networks spaced out across the day/two days then it might just push them to see what it’s about
  • Make use of the bold, italics and strikethrough features.
  • Pictures attract more interest. Use them.

There Is NO Such Thing as a Dumb Question, Ask Away

Although there is a limit on Sharing a blog post we have no limits for asking questions, connecting with people etc etc. Try to keep things vaguely on topic (you can always do different things outside the community, and we want to provide something different to other Christian communities) at the same time this is a community, feel free to treat it like one.

Clogging Up The Feed With Only Your Posts Is LAME!

This is a bit similar to the points above. If you share hundreds of links, loads of questions all in a row or cat pictures so that people really have to scroll to read someone elses posts then it’s just sad. People will try to blank you anyway and you aren’t really serving anyone else. If your message is important it will get through without cheap tricks/tactics.

Share Don’t Preach

Generally things online are a “conversation” rather than a monologue. Comments and other factors mean that readers can interact with the writer in a way they never could in the not so recent past. As such people tend to prefer when you “share” something rather than when you “preach”. What this means is asking for critical opinions, asking if/how it applies to other peoples lives, etc etc.

Some Special Events

We love special events here so here is a list of little things we like to do and hope you’ll join in with:

  • #WednesdayRewind (share an old blog post, perhaps as a chance to reflect on your writing, improve it, show a bit of your history or just remember a lesson you learnt in the ast)
  • Hangouts and interview just take a look at some of our interviews here.
  • Amazing Member: There are loads of great members but sometimes a member steps up to the plate and is extra amazing for one month. We want to take the chance to thank members who have gone the extra mile and improved the experience for everyone.
  • Blog Challenges: Occasionally we’ll set a challenge for members to get their teeth into. It might be on a topic or theme or sometimes very different. Keep an eye out.

A final note

I really don’t want to have to kick anyone out or anything like that but if you are serving only yourself, trying to make the community about you and not everyone else and I can’t see you really contributing anything to the community I might have to take action.
This is what it will look like:

  • I’ll send you a message asking you to consider changing your approach and some positive suggestion (feel free to disagree, but let’s both try to keep it civil)
  • I’ll remove you from the community and explain why I did this (again feel free to disagree and you can request to rejoin.)
  • If you leave, rejoin and STILL do the same issue then you will be banned for good.

I don’t want to have to do it but sometimes tough love is necessary.

If that all sounds good, then please respond to the email we sent you containing a link to this page.

If you found this page and community some other way and would like to ask to join then head over to the community and ask to join.