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Self-Publishing For Christian Bloggers

self publishing for christian bloggers panel discussion

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Perhaps it’s not surprising that within a community of people who are regularly writing using new media some of our members have some experience in Self-Publishing and even more are thinking about giving it a go themselves. With that in mind after recently publishing her own self published book, beauty from ashes, Melanie Baker organised a panel discussion on “Self-Publishing for Christian Bloggers” with some other members of the community who have all self published things that are longer than a normal blog post.

On Saturday the 26th of October 2013 we all sat down and dispite a few technical problem had a great discussion.

Panel members and their books

Why Self publish?

One of the key questions we looked at was why we went for self-publishing.

  1. We considered factors like the price of publishing (ebooks can be reproduce for free if you are giving them away)
  2. Not having to get the approval of a publisher
  3. Being able to experiment with publishing and longer form writing
  4. Being able to turn your blog posts into a book (which many publishers wouldn’t want to do)
  5. Not needing to be a big name before you start.

Common problems with Self-Publishing


A common problem we all shared our frustrations with was formatting and getting the book to look right on a page. Chris Gorton shared a very useful site calledbbebooksthailand which can help you to see how your book will look in different formats, and I shared how Scrivener (a word Processor for writing books) can help you format your book.

Publicising your book

One of the biggest issues we shared was getting the word out about your book. Some of us found it surprising who exactly bought our books from unexpected sources. We all acknowledged that you need to publicise your book well both before and after you hit publish. Christopher Gorton shared that he had found Goodreads to be a useful site to publicise your book on and everyone agreed that the Christian bloggers community was a great place to gain exposure (AND get help in producing your book).

Best things about self publishing

We had all enjoyed the self-publishing process and had benefitted in different ways.

Groups for print on Demand

Upcoming book

Christopher Gorton – The problem with Church

Bill Kraski – Leadership of Grace (working title)

Chris and Mel both want to write something else but don’t know what…yet.

What about you?

If you have self-published something or are thinking about self publishing something then leave a comment in the comments below and ask any questions you have.

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I'm a 27 English as a foreign language Teacher based in Badajoz in Spain. I also run the Christian Bloggers community and enjoy writing in my free time.

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