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Setting Blogging Goals With Jeremy Smith

Setting Blogging Goals With Jeremy Smith -ChristianBloggers

I’ve known Jeremy Smith for a while and wanted to interview him for Christian Bloggers. Jeremy lives in Colorado with his Wife and Son runs SeventyEightProductions (visit and has an active presence on Google Plus and Twitter. He also regularly writes for which is how I really got to know him.

As we approached the end of the year I wanted to look at setting blogging goals but wasn’t really sure what to advise or write about so I decided to turn to Jeremy who I know has a lot of experience in setting (and achieving) his blogging aims. After sending him a few messages he agreed and we sat down and had a nice chat about it.

Why Jeremy Set Himself Blogging Goals

Jeremy advises everyone who is blogging seriously to set themselves blogging goals. As it let’s you measure how you are doing and also drives you on to how well you are doing.

Aren’t Blogging Goals Trying To Take Power Out Of God’s Hands?

If you are trying to promote yourself and say “Look at me! How cool am I!” Then you need to check your own values but if it’s for accountability and trying to further a ministry you believe in then it isn’t. (I compared it to the way that Paul planned and measured his progress). Jeremy also said that having a team mentality can help take it away from being a personal effort but also forces you to work out how to drive it forward.

What Were Jeremy’s Goals This Year?

Jeremy’s first post for the year which he changed half way. The big ones were.

Blogging Goals

  • Double Page views to 240,000 in total
  • 120,000 unique visitors

Social media goals

  • both specific follower numbers AND the amount of interactions

Jeremy has hit some of his goals and gone far beyond them but with others he hasn’t hit them sometimes it has caused him to reevaluate the goals

What Jeremy Thinks Is Best About Goals

Jeremy said that

“The best thing about strategy and setting goals is not if you hit it or not but working out why you hit your goal or didn’t”

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What Jeremy Has Learned From Setting These Goals

Jeremy believe he wouldn’t have made the progress he has if he hadn’t set these goals. This has lead to fueling Jeremy’s passion in helping to equip those in ministry who use church tech (all of them).

He has also started to think of it as a discipline, where you might not see the progress for a long time and yet sometimes you suddenly see a burst through in the long run.

What Are Your Goals For Next Year

  • A new focus on being intentional in Social media and taking a “Return on Investment” approach to social media
  • More blogging team members
  • Building the newsletter
  • both growing and shrinking goals that were too big or small.

How Should I Set My Own Blogging Goals

  • Be intentional about what you want to do.
  • Know where you are and be realistic about where you can go
  • BUT be open to God radically growing your ministry (don’t underestimate God)
  • Pray
  • Remember S.M.A.R.T

Basically, use data and be realistic but ask God to radically exceed anyway.

Jeremy also advises that you get someone to keep you accountable to check on you and push you on.

How To Go From Goals And Aims To Achieving Them

  • Look into the research
  • Be consistent with your blog post
  • Regularly interact on social media
  • More frequent posting usually leads to more traffic (but takes more time)

Find Jeremy Online

You can find Jeremy on Twitter at seventyEightProd or on Google Plus on his personal account +Jeremy Smith (or his page). You can also head over to his blog at 78P.TV or on the Church Tech Community.

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