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How to Share on Google Plus: Know the System


One of the issues that frequently comes up as a moderator of the Christian Bloggers Community is the way people share on Google plus. In some cases it’s just a case of trying to get more out of your blog posts and insure that people who would be interested in reading your articles, read them. However, in many other cases the way that people are sharing actively prevents people from reading their posts.

Today I am starting a series that is going to help you address both sides of that problem. I will help you make sure that your posts aren’t hindered in the way you share and aid you in maximising the amount that they are read. However, before we get into that, let’s take a brief tour of the features of Google plus, that will help explain why this style is currently the best way to share your posts on Google plus (and help you adapt if and when Google plus’s style changes.)

Characteristics of Google Plus

Google plus is very different from other social networks and if you don’t make the most of it’s characteristics then you are shooting yourself in the foot. Put simply, if you try and use Google plus like twitter, you’re missing out (and yes I know there are some people like Michael Hyatt who use Google plus much like twitter and they don’t get out as much as they could.)

1. Google Plus is visual

We recently wrote a whole month’s worth of content about how images are becoming more important on the web and Google plus design has helped contribute to this. Google plus has an easy system for uploading your photos and Google has deliberately designed the system to favour images.

2. Google Plus can have long posts

Officially Google plus has no limit to how much you can share in each post (some even use Google plus for their blog because of this) although some sources suggest there is a 100,000 character limit. Either way Google plus post are much longer than the 140 character limit and encourage longer sharing.

3. Google plus has text formatting

You can add Bold, Italicised and strikethrough text by surround the text you want to format with * _ and -. These formatting styles allow you to bring attention to certain items in your posts.

Cheat sheet

4. Hashtags #FTW

Love them or hate them Google plus has hashtags and even if you don’t look at what others are sharing within the hashtag, other people may do. You can add a hashtag by writing a word with the hash symbol before hand or Google will add automatically hashtags based on what it thinks the keywords of your posts are.

5. Comments with every post

In Google plus there will automatically be comments on your posts. You can turn them off but you have to disable them for each individual post after you have posted it. Comments are pretty key here.

6. Google plus Let’s you mention people

If you type + and then someone’s name straight after (AND click on their profile below the text) it will add them to the post. This will send them a notification letting them know you have mentioned them.

7. Google plus posts can be sent to specific groups (with or without a notification)

You can select which group (Google calls it a circle) you send your posts to. If you select the checkbox at the bottom saying “send an email to [circle name]” then you will send them a notification about your post as well. [Warning: Be careful how you use this feature. Miss use can lead to you getting blocked or reported for spam]

8. Good posts boost your search rank

It’s not clear how connected your Google profile is with your search rank but it is clear that this is the way that Google wants it to go. When people comment or “plus” a post that contains a link to your post, it will boost that pages rank.


Now you know the characteristics of Google plus, I’m sure you’ll already be able to work out some tricks to help improve the way you share posts.

Have I forgotten any key Characteristics?
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