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How To Get Great Quality Stock Photos For Free

great pics for free

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Stock images are a great resource. Not needing to credit the photographer, being free to edit the image and being able to use them multiple times for one set price AND supporting a photographer to earn a livelihood. Of course, I’ve already said the main downside. You (usually) have to pay and they aren’t always cheap but an artist deserve their pay and in the long run it may be cheaper than photos where you have to pay royalties each time it’s used or seen!

But what if I told you there was a way to get all the advantages of great quality stock photography without having to pay a thing. That’s right, brilliant quality photos that you can legally use and edit as you want for your blog. Well luckily there is one way you can do this.

Weekly Free Photos

Many of the big names in Stock photography (such as istock by getty, Shutterstock and even the Christian alternative Lightstock) have weekly free photos. To access them all you need to do is sign up and then log on every week and download the free photos.

Some of these sites will email you to let you know there is a new free photo you can get but others you just have to head over each week. Once you’ve signed in then you can download the free photo of the week. Oh and iStock also provides occasional free audio, video, vector images and more.

On top of that there are sites like who are on a campaign against awful stock photos (yes there are plenty of terrible stock photos as well as good ones). Unlike other services that offer you a weekly photo, Deathtostock photos give you multiple photos monthly but they email them directly to you so you don’t have to go to the site to download them.

BUT there is one other way to get free images and this one is exclusive to Lightstock.

Free Credits When Someone Else Signs Up

Lightstock offers free credit when you get a friend to sign up via a link. They don’t even have to buy credit simply sign up. As such I want to share with you our accounts link so if you want to sign up, get free images and help us to buy images for this blog and projects that our community does then just click this link. Of course, you don’t have to use our link or even buy credits, If you just want the free images then you can head directly to the site.

The Downside of Free Stock Photos

One of the great features with stock photos I didn’t mention is search results. If you have a unique and brilliant image it will attract more search traffic to your site (meaning more readers. YAY). However, if lots of people are using the same free photos then it waters down this benefit. Likewise I noticed that the resurgence used one of the free images I had downloaded from lightstock. If people are seeing this photo all over the place from the same stock site then it isn’t as powerful as a unique image they’ve never seen before.

Finally, I’ve seen some people use images very haphazardly on posts that didn’t really match the image, again this weakens the impact of using an image. In such a case a good creative commons image that is properly referenced would look much better. With many full time bloggers using creative commons there isn’t a stigma with them.

So be careful with using free stock photos, don’t just use them because they are free but make sure they fit in with your post and if they don’t then check out some of the resources we recommended last week.

Do you use Stock images? Do you know any other ways to get top quality photos for free.

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