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Stop Checking Your email first thing in the morning

Photo Credit: George Pollard via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: George Pollard via Compfight cc

Are you like me and as soon as you wake up you want to know about everything you missed out on last night while you were asleep?

Perhaps this is worse for me being a Brit living in Spain but with a lot of contacts in both America and Korea but I know I’m not alone in this.

When I’m asleep, they’re busy working, producing, emailing, updating their social media and even shipping something new.

As soon as I wake up, see my tablets flashing notification light I want to know what I’ve “missed out” on but this is a dangerous mistake to make and I want to tell you why.

Why do we have to be “in the loop”?

There is something about the ability to be in contact all the time that makes us think we should or need to be in contact the whole time. Social media is training people to think that we have to respond straight away and delivery times should be shorter and shorter.

On the one hand we now tolerate mistakes a bit more than we used to and welcome more instant forms of communication that are the brand new trend.

On the other hand, people are becoming less understanding of people are out of reach so they can spend time crafting something incredible.

When Danny Inny released his new training program, he and his team to a week off straight away after to recharge, refocus and regroup. Some people understood that the massive launch event had taken a lot of energy. Others wanted answers now and thought it was out of order. They couldn’t wait for the answer to their questions or emails.

Why is being in the loop all the time bad?

What’s the emotion you feel when you think about leaving that blinking notification unoppened…that pain in your chest, the uncertainty, the worry…it’s fear right?

Fear is a powerful motivator and can be used to make you do something amazing…or it can leave you paralysed and procrastinating.

If you are constantly driven by fear then you will probably end up doing unhelpful activities over and over again (like hitting refresh on the browser to see if you have one more blog view). You’ll be chasing the dollar, you’ll listen to “common sense” and conventional wisdom, like “if you want to make money you need to monetise, get some ads”. It’s hard to look at the long term when you are motivated by fear.

The benefit of not checking your email first thing is that you are free

Free from the pressures, questions, time requests that those messages hold. You don’t have to spend the rest of your day chasing your own tail or keeping up with what other people are doing. Instead you can focus on what you are doing.

Now, there is nothing wrong with responding to emails and it is a good idea to keep an eye on the competition, but if that is all you are doing you will never produce any art.

So what is the mind set you should have?

Instead of being driven by fear, be driven by joy.

Instead of focusing on your competition, return to your vision, or your “why“.

Instead of trying to catch up with other people do something new, daring and original.

First thing in the morning is the best chance you have to do something daring and new.

Alternative first activities.

  • Reread your vision statement
  • Write down your dream from last night
  • Start your day with a victory
  • Work on that project you have going
  • Choose the three essential things you must do today.
  • Produce something.
  • Do something very difficult


Once you’ve done something then you’re allowed to check your email.

What do you do first thing in the morning?

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I'm a 27 English as a foreign language Teacher based in Badajoz in Spain. I also run the Christian Bloggers community and enjoy writing in my free time.

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