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Why You Should Drop The Titles And Stress Your Actions

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I’ve had this discussion a few times on the Christian Bloggers community but I really hate it when I see people on Social networks who have the title “Pastor/Healer/Prophet/etc [insert name]” It always reminds me of the verse in the bible about Those who love titles and lording them over other people. The fact of the matter is that maybe this is a bit of the generation [whatever letter/number I’m suppose to be] in me who is naturally sceptical of all titles.

Our culture really doesn’t like it when people come up to us and try to boss us around based purely on their title. We have come to see authority (the right to exercise power) as a negative thing without a reason. It’s very much an extension of the meritocratic mindset which says you have to have done something to command authority (and even then you could lose it at any second). It can even be seen when people refer to God. “I could never serve an unjust God.” “What’s God ever done for me?” and so on.

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In Defense Of Titles

Titles aren’t usually given out for no reason (exception self given titles). Instead, they are usually given for a reason or they show what people do currently. In some cases they will tell you a lot about what the person does just from the title and help you to gain some idea of what you can expect of this person or ask them to do. The problem is as I mentioned earlier, we’re more sceptical of titles and we’ve seen people with these possitions of authority whose titles doesn’t match thier actions.

We’ve become more sceptical and we don’t simply respect someone who claims to be a big deal, instead we want, even need to see some proof and want to know about this person rather than just our expectation of what this type of person is.

Changing Titles To Actions

If you rephrase something like “Hi I’m a pastor of a church in…” to “I preach every Sunday and visit members of the congregation to help them with their spiritual growth in a church in …” then it makes a whole load of difference. It’s no longer a case of you trusting the title to prove what you do but you’re spelling it out. It shows that you aren’t being a hypocrite, it shows that you don’t expect people to respect you just because of the title you have or that you expect them to do something for you.

By stating the actions you are showing that the title is a reflection of what you do, not the other way round. You were probably already doing that before the title came along and you might not even care for it, as opposed to the idea that you just go through the motions and carry out the actions because you have to.


Look through your about pages and find any titles that you have and try and change them to Actions instead. Then, share a link to your about page in the comments bellow.
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I'm a 27 English as a foreign language Teacher based in Badajoz in Spain. I also run the Christian Bloggers community and enjoy writing in my free time.

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5 Replies

  1. You are so right Chris; title don’t mean much if we don’t have the actions to back them up. I will review my about pages to see what I can change.

    Thanks for the challenge.

    1. Glad you liked it Jon. Post a link here once you’ve made the change too

  2. This was profound! Changing titles into action was the best part!! I will keep this in mind.

    1. Thanks Eric, I think there is a great general lesson as well as a practical blogging lesson too. Let me know how your update goes.

  3. Like an old pastor/friend of mine used to say, “If you have to tell people you’re [fill in the blank] then you probably aren’t one.”

    Great post Chris!

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