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Top 10 Blog Post From Christian Bloggers 2013


We started this blog during the summer in 2013 to help compliment the Christian bloggers community over on Google plus and it’s grown since then. As we get ready to go full steam ahead for 2014 I thought I’d remind you of some of the best blog posts we’ve had on this community blog since it was started. It makes a good compliment for the recent Wednesday Rewind we had.

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1. What Are The Best Christian Blogs of 2013?

This was only released last month but it’s already proven to be very popular. It helped that it was picked up by a couple of bigger blogs and shared. The results will be coming out very soon but you can check out the post here and submit your favourite posts too.

2. It’s All About Images [infographic]

This infographic was part of the images series and shows exactly how powerful images are becoming online. Check it out here.

3. Why Your Readers Didn’t Share Your Last Blog Post (And What To Do About It?)

Not ever blog post gets shared by your readers. In this post I looked at some of the key reasons that lead to people sharing blog posts and how you can introduce them into your writing. Check out the post here.

4. Are You Accidently Breaking The Law With Illegal Blog Post Images

It always surprises me how many people don’t use images correctly on the internet either deliberately or accidently. As Christians we should aim to be beyond reproach and in this post I explain some of the legality issues surrounding images as well as providing a few great resources for finding images to use in blog posts. Check it out here.

5. How To Find Images For Free – Two Great Resources

This post was written by Mark Hanson as part of the images series. In this one he shared his two favourite resources for finding free images for blog post and included some useful screenshot to help you navigate them. Check it out here. 

6. October Blog Challenge: Faithfulness

In October we ran a blog challenge on the topic of Faithfulness. In this post Mel Baker set out the challenge and then we collected links to all the people who submitted a blog post for the challenge. You can see everyone’s post here. 

7. How To Be A Gr8 Christian Bloggers Member

In this post Mel shared some of the lessons she’d learned on being a great Christian bloggers member and also getting more out of the community as well. Her points are just as true now as they were when she wrote it. Check it out to help gain more from the community.

8. 4 Vital Personality Traits For Any New (Or Experienced) Blogger

Mel looked at being a great christian blogger but in this community Shawn shared her insight into some vital personality traits for bloggers, new and old. Like Mel’s post it’s still true now. Check it out. 

9. Social Media Facts And Statistics For 2013 [infographic]

A second infographic, this time looking at the different social networks and some quick stats and facts about them all. This is particularly useful to help you decided how much time to spend on each one and how to interact with each one. Check out the post here. 

10. Interview With Nathan Roten

Last year I ran a series of interview with any member of the Christian bloggers community who was interested in taking part (if you are a member and would like to be interviewed then message me). I learned a lot about our members and from our members during these interviews and Nathan Roten’s snuck into the top 10. Check out the interview here.

So there you have it, our top ten blog posts from just under a year of running. I’m sure you can notice a pattern that many of these were part of our images series which I hope you found useful. Also a large number came from other members and not from myself which is really great! I’m glad that it shows how valuable the knowledge base of the whole community is and I encourage you to share a post here if you have some advice that could help other members of the Christian Bloggers Community.

I can’t wait to see what next years are.
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  1. Great posts! Very informative. Look forward to a great 2014 with you guys!

  2. A good selection of posts here, and I feel honoured that my post proved popular. Also two which I read (by Shawn and Mel) are included here, and there are definitely one or two which I missed I need to look back on and read.

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