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Our Top Christian Blogs 2013

Best christian blogs 2013 - christian bloggers

At the end of last year we ran a vote for our members to ask what they thought were the best christian bloggers of last year. This is definetly not the most scientific method of finding the most popular, read, or famous blogs [If you want that then I really suggest you check out Church relevance list but instead it was a chance for our members to give their votes for the blogs they read from within and without the community.

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Of course, the poll got caught by some other groups and shared with their readers and there was also some very “interesting” voting at moments (by this I mean votes that came in very quickly after each other for one blog, the same blog, at a regular interval almost as though someone was creating fake names and voting for their own blog.) Where the voting has been obviously faked then I’m just ignoring it.

I’ve decided only to post the top 10 in a round down and then every other blog that was voted for in no particular order.

T E Hanna

Although there were both votes for and I obviously included them together! Tom has been a member of the community for a while and even took part in an interview a while back. His blog looks at a variety of Christian issues from theological perspective to more practical aspects of living as a Christian in the world today. He also features guest posters on his site too. .

Check it out.

Insert Image

Insert Img is a blog by illustrator Wes Molebash that follows the life of two christian characters JP and Miles with their lives in Paper city church. It’s a bit different from many of the other blogs on our list with it’s focus on graphics but one I recommend checking out.

Check out Insert Img here 

Brad Andres

Brad Andres has been a member of the Christian Bloggers community on Google plus for a while and runs a site with his name as well. He is a Christian Writer and has published some books on christian topics. His blog is a personal blog that focuses on “biblical life”.

Check out Brad’s blog here.

Life Of An Ordinary Aussie Woman

Life of an ordinary Aussie Woman is written by one of the communities moderators, Melanie Baker. Mel lives in Australia with her two kids, attends seminar in her spare time and helps out teaching about the bible in her local school. We interviewed her this year.

Check out Mel’s site.

Bill’s Musings

Bill is another moderator of the Christian Bloggers community who is based out in Baltimor. Bill writes a couple of blogs, one very much targeted at Christian belief and living, meanwhile his “other things” blog focuses on other topics he enjoys. The great thing about this is it has lead to him having some contact with non christians from his other content in his normal content. You can check out our interview with Bill here and Bill’s blog here.


Shawn Mullins blogs about her personal journey and struggles and you can sense her texan twang coming through the screen. Shawn shares insights into God through her journey along. You can check out our interview with her here.

Check out Shawn’s Blog here.

A Holy Experience

A Holy Experience is a blog by Ann Voskamp, a former homeschooling mum who went on to write for sites such as the higher calling and christianity today as well as finished a book “One Thousand Gifts: Dare to live fully right where you are.”

You can check out her blog here.

Ragamuffin Soul

Ragamuffinsoul is run by Carlos Whittaker and has actually been mentioned in one of our Christain blogger interviews. Carlos blogs (pretty much) every day from topics raging from Christian living to funny meme pics.

Check out his blog here

This is the communities offical site where members of the community share their advice and experience as well as serving as a place to see our notifications. Speaking personally, it was very kind to have been nominated and I’m glad people have found these resources useful. Feel free to pitch any post ideas you have that could help other community members.

Your on the blog now!

Grace Grows Wings

Grace grows wings is a blog by Chanda Griese Mother to four and traveler through life. She shares the joys and pains of Homemaking and Homeschooling as well as her own writing path and the strand of God through it all.

Check out her Blog here.

Everyone else

I’m sorry to lump everyone else together but with such close voting in some cases it would be silly to just have multiple number Xs in several places. As such I have a run down of the other blogs in no particular order.

Thank you everyone who took the time to vote, I hope you have found some new great blogs to cheeck out and I hope you got on to our list as well.

About Chris Wilson

I'm a 27 English as a foreign language Teacher based in Badajoz in Spain. I also run the Christian Bloggers community and enjoy writing in my free time.

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  1. Thank you for gathering up the nominations and sharing them, Chris! I like the description you gave for Grace Grows Wings…I’m thankful for being included in the list…it’s encouraging to hear that others have been blessed by my posts.

  2. Wow I am truly so encouraged to find out that people voted for my humble young blog! All glory goes to God for people being blessed by it – thanks guys, much love 🙂

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