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How To Write With Passion Again

How to write with passion again

When I finally have those few precious moments to sit down and write, I can’t think of anything. How many times does this happen to you? With a blank face and bored fingers, I wonder to myself “Where is my passion?” If you happen to run into it, please let me know…

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Recalling The Past

Over 2 years ago, I can remember sitting at my computer and wondering what to write for my first post. God had given me a clear message after several months of prayer, that it was time to write for Him. I had no idea what to do and quite honestly I had always hated English and Grammar class. (I secretly still do)

What’s more important to note about that time frame of my writing was the purity and passion. Can you relate with me? There was something inside of me that wasn’t there before and I was burning to discover what it was. Can you remember this feeling when you first started writing?

At the time, my fingers were not longer bored, they were shaking with excitement. My face wasn’t blank; instead it was viciously searching for the right words. And so began – the giant paragraph.

Yes, I’ll admit that my first couple posts were just one large paragraph. But, let’s put that all aside for now. The real point was the passion. There wasn’t anywhere to share the post. I wasn’t concerned about posting it on my Facebook page, because it didn’t exist yet. There were no little birdies chirping the good news about my latest post. And of course, I didn’t know about Christian Bloggers, so I didn’t even share it there.

The post, the passion, the lesson or the story was about me and for me.


Using The Past To Fuel The Future

The next time you go to write a new post, think about the passion and desire that fueled your very first post. Ask yourself a few of these questions.

  • Why do I want to write about this subject?
  • How can writing about this help me?
  • How can writing about this help others?
  • Am I passionate about the topic?
  • Will my readers see and feel my passion?


Keeping God At The Core

As I said near the beginning, my writing began after several months of prayer. I kept asking God to show me ways to be consistent in my walk with Him. Writing was His answer.

Maybe you’re writing your first post or maybe you have been writing for years. Either way it’s important to keep God at the core. How can you do this? I can only offer you the advice and ideas that have worked and continue to work for me.

  1. Discuss your ideas and thoughts with God daily. Yeah, this usually happens in either the shower or driving to work. Don’t judge me…
  2. Write down the ideas when they hit you. I have a notepad App on my iPhone slam full of quotes, how to’s and more. Write it down because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll forget.
  3. Write about subjects you love and don’t stop. Not only did your first post have a lot of passion, but the subject you wrote about had even more! You’ll be surprised how much you can actually write about. Maybe you already you’ve already found that out.

So Hit Us With Some Passion

The bottom line is that you started writing for a reason. Right? Don’t ever forget the passion you had when you wrote those first few posts. Think about that when you feel yourself getting stuck. Get to it!

So what keeps the passion alive in your writing?

Share with the community about why you started writing and throw back the curtain letting us into your first writing experiences.

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