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Are You Writing With Attitude or Gratitude?

writer cartoon

writer cartoon

We often hear the phrase “he’s (or she’s) got attitude”. Basically, it’s saying the person is openly confident. Indeed, Proverbs 23:7a tells us “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”. Through all the stages of writing or blogging, are you the guy or gal like the picture to the left? Or are you still trying to get your mojo going?

By ourselves, we rarely have the kind of confidence that just gets us sitting down and writing. At least I don’t. That seems to be a disease that comes with the territory of being a creative person. More often than not, it’s more like “What do I write about, now?”. And that can happen at just about any point in a project. Sometimes, multiple times in a project. Which is when we have to become the one who’s “got attitude”. Back in the day it was called “hearing from my muse”.

Starting anything new always seems to begin with overcoming inertia. With writing and blogging it can be “I need an idea.” or “I need a good idea.”. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have a way of creating excess pressure on myself. As a Christian blogger, I found a way out of that. Let God do the work. Here’s what I mean.

Let God Write Your Blog Posts

I’ve always prayed before writing a blog post, but the result had been mine, when I started and for awhile after that. Ideas weren’t always coming that easily and I wasn’t always happy with the results. In other words, I was doing a great job of getting in my own way. To the point where I just walked away from blogging for a year and a half. And I kept fighting nudges to get back to it, for that whole time. It was my Genesis 32, Jacob wrestling God experience.

In the end, I couldn’t stay away, but I bargained with God about how I’d go back to blogging. These were the terms we worked out:

  1. God would create the content, I would be there as the conduit (much like my computer is the conduit between me and my blogs).
  2. I would supply quotes and verses as seed thoughts, but it was still God’s responsibility to select which one, when it would get used, and to fill in the content.
  3. He’s totally responsible for the output. But, if I recognize that the content isn’t up to par, I know my spiritual antenna isn’t always working as well as it should. So, I’m free to go back to Him for the editing process, till it’s right.

The Results?

You’re free to decide if that’s real or a very nice psychological trick to get around writer’s block. Either way, it does some really neat things for my writing process:

  • By making God the one responsible for the input and its outcome, I remove the pressure that I must create something. I just have to be there, as a channel for His output.
  • That also makes Him responsible for the schedule. Doing that, by the way, has kept variations to hours instead of days, weeks, or months.
  • By giving God veto rights on the starting seed thought, I’m not stuck with an idea that I’m invested in but it’s not the right time to use it.
  • The other night on the Voice, Ceelo told one of his contestants to ignore the judges and focus on the song. If God’s responsible for my content, I don’t have to be concerned about audience rejection. I just have to focus on getting the content right and the acceptance will come.
  • God’s responsibility means that I can bask in the praises, as a team member or a team fan. But I don’t have to take rejection personally. Although I do need to consider being part of the rewrite process, when necessary.
  • I know how limited I can be. If content is God’s, it’s not as limited as mine would be and I can go back to old posts to learn and, perhaps, find seed thoughts for new posts.

I’m, in some ways, a literalist. So, that process is real for me. It puts my attitude in the right place to let the creative process flow. And it flows from the right source. And, yes, He wrote this one, too.

How do you find inspiration for your blog posts? Do you or Does God write your blog posts?

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3 Replies

  1. Interesting article… I always have a hard time replying to articles and discussions such as this one, because I don’t have the same problems many of the bloggers do when it comes to what to write. When I have “writer’s block”, it’s because I’m simply not inspired to write at that moment. I have tried forcing it before – but the results are just not even worth sharing. So, if I have writer’s block – if I am not inspired to write – I don’t write.

    I don’t give thought to what I’m going to write. I am struck with inspiration, sit down, and the words just come. I don’t plan out my posts (or anything else I write). I don’t pick a topic, then a catchy title, then outline the post, finding the verses I need that will work with part 2.a.ii.

    I think “oh! I need to write this”… then sit and write.

    Does this inspiration come from God? I don’t know. Some of the time, probably. I don’t think about it. I just know when I’m propelled to write something, and pray that when this inspiration strikes, I have something to write on 🙂

  2. Geoff Dean

    I followed the article about the orphanage in the Ukraine. He spoke of a Terry. Was this Terry (Israel) Mason from Maine in U.S.A. If so then I shared rooms & mission jobs with him in 1998 with Op Exodus (previously Ebenezer Emergency Fund) and I would like to communicate some of my 3 months of miracles helping 660 Jews make Aliyah over the Black Sea and into Haifa. We were based in Odessa. We were both on the 60 th sailing of Dimitry Shostakovitch. Could someone help me do this. Geoff

    1. Short Answer Geoff, no it wasn’t. It was Terry Froese. Sorry I couldn’t be off more help.

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